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  • For us, passion means things we love to do, the determination to succeed and the effort. We work with a focus on creating value in everything we do. We believe that it becomes easier to work with heart and soul when one’s purpose of living harmonizes with the raison d’etre of the organization one works for.
  • In our opinion, those who work with their hearts and souls work like the founder of the company. They are the leaders who see the big picture, look forward without fearing from making mistakes or getting tangled with the chains of the past, with the mindfulness on what and how they contribute in.
  • We believe that leadership is independent of the position. A leader is the person who is open for improvement, manages changes, acts proactively and is motivated by the challenges.
  • We primarily evaluate our candidates’ suitability to our company’s culture and values while we are making our recruitment decisions.
  • Our values tell us that;

“Being an employee of Anel means working together with tenacity based on rationalism and respect. A focus on continuous development for sustainability is inherent in the nature of this business.”

  • If you are keen on forcing your limits and discovering yourself, we suggest you to search for the career paths in Anel.

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We review your résumé, submitted via our announcements or general application form. If you are experienced or recently graduated, the application process is outlined in the following paragraphs. If you are a student and want to find out more about applying for an internship please click here.

First Meeting

After receiving your application, we invite you to a meeting if we consider your résumé to be appropriate. We discuss your career expectations and the ways we can collaborate with you. This meeting is an important and exciting step for us as well.

Evaluation Process and Tools

To arrive at objective recruitment decisions, we use tests for personality inventory, general ability, English language and technical skills appropriate to the role applied for.

As we see recruitment as a mutual evaluation and a bilateral decision-making process, we provide candidates with clear information about our company structure and processes and introduce them to relevant teammates, so that our candidates can evaluate us accurately.


Representatives from the business partnership department and the relevant process responsibles conduct a competency-based interview and a technical interview respectively. To gain a broad perspective, we involve representatives from specialisms ancillary to the role in our evaluation process. This type of multi-evaluation gives us a very helpful range of opinions about your competencies and suitability for the job, while it allows you to recognize opportunities and learn more about teammates you would be working with. In this way, we believe that we establish a sound basis for a lasting and productive collaboration.

Conclusion and Feedback

At the end of a mutually positive process, we will make you our offer. If we are not able to work with you for the time being, we will include you in our pool of positive candidates and contact you when a position becomes available. We will let you know if we find that we can’t take your application further.

First Day of Work

Welcome aboard, now you are a member of our team!

On the day you come aboard, we greet you with an orientation program tailored to your role. During this program, you will get to know Anel better, learn how to cooperate with different departments, get answers to your questions and meet your new colleagues.

The control and management of documents produced in the contracting sector has become a difficult business process in the new age. The surplus of data in this process affects interdisciplinary coordination and cooperation. For this reason, we include BIM processes in our business in line with the standards. We support coordination of all the disciplines (Planning-Design-Site) by using different software tools in BIM processes. Thus, we reduce the loss of documents and work to minimum. In this era of technological progress and rapid development, we support the adaptation of the construction industry to this modern technology.

Our BIM team is in contact with all the functions, produces technological solutions for any problems they encounter, evaluates and leads them for coordination. To succeed in this area, in addition to your technical knowledge, you should follow innovations and standards and should work with a team that has the opportunity to experience how to adapt them to real life situations. For this reason, being a team that is innovative, open minded, observing and technology lover is one of our most important goals.

The Contracting Team is responsible for identifying the risks of all contracts signed by all group companies (construction contracts, project contracts, procurement contracts of all materials or services, subcontracting contracts, consultancy contracts, lease contracts, additional policies, acquittances, business partnerships and confidentiality contracts, agreements and protocols etc.), thus supporting the project management or the demanding department to carry out the risks and benefits analysis in order to sign the most appropriate contract.

After signing the contract, this team supports project teams and demanding departments regarding all kinds of issues such as right claims, delays, extension of time, force majeure, termination, penalty and compensation etc. that may be encountered within the scope of the contract and that are on the agenda. The team supports project teams managing modifications and claims; attends negotiations as required. Also they identify the elements that require legal consultation and ensures cooperation on these elements with the appropriate company departments.

At the start of a project, the Design Department makes the technical drawings and related calculations for the electrical and mechanical systems, and monitors on-site during implementation. To be successful in this department, you have to be pedantic in identifying the flaws in project drawings and calculations, have strong communication skills to work efficiently with the site team, clients and colleagues, and be versatile. It is also important to follow up innovations and be open to change with a passion to do better.

We believe that effective planning is essential for the successful progress of any project in the contracting sector. The Planning and Cost Control team is responsible for preparing the planning documents required for the tender files during proposal processes. The team is also responsible for checking other documents, preparing and updating the work schedules together with the Project Manager and Production responsible for the projects awarded. Finally, the team informs related units on all these issues in line with the work schedules for each given project. In addition to being a graduate with a relevant engineering degree, it is also necessary to be able to think analytically to succeed in this profession. The position requires serious mental coordination, the ability to carefully read details while at the same time taking a holistic view of a plethora of data in order to monitor progress for an entire project.The team reflects this holistic perspective in modification and claim management of projects. The team performs analyses on matters of term extensions, preclusions, losses of productivity and acceleration of all projects that we execute in the field of contracting. Also they direct modification management of additional works with instruction or decreasing works. They work together with the Planning and Cost Control team, project management in the process of rate presentations, preparation and approval of presentation files.

The procurement team conducts quality-cost analysis and comprehensive works ranging from procurement planning to procurement of the required products, from on-time delivery to continuous monitoring of the process and monitoring quantities and use of the materials at the warehouse. The competencies that lead to success in this area of work start with having strong communication and negotiation skills and also following the business aspects and staying in touch with the market.

The QA-QC team prepares methods for implementing works in accordance with the specifications and standards for the realization of the desired manufacturing processes in the projects, supervises whether on-site manufacture is carried out in line with these methods and ensures that the quality-oriented working culture is inculcated into all employees. People who are careful, like to follow up, check and write down the data can work successfully in this field.

Carries out tasks such as monitoring all the works in the project area, checking the workforce, materials and security, taking the necessary precautions and supporting the project to its completion within the contracted time while meeting the quality requirements. In order to do this job, it is important to graduate from the relevant engineering faculty, be willing and suitable to work on site and keep up with the latest technology as part of professional development.

The Contracting Tender department carries out work for the tender files, such as entering man-hour data to determine the cost of labour, conducting and controlling exploratory studies, and examining project specifications and drawings during the tender process. The accurate preparation of the tender files plays a key role in being awarded that project and achieving the planned outcomes. Therefore, to become a successful tender engineer, besides being competent in technical issues, it is necessary to gain insight into procurement, logistics and finance and to have a decent command of English.

The Test and Commissioning team is responsible for checking whether the on-site manufacturing process functions to full capacity and without flaws, in accordance with the technical specifications and relevant standards as first agreed upon. They document the results of the system tests to be presented to the employer. To become a successful Test and Commissioning Engineer, you need to know manufacturing well, get to know the systems, have a good command of technical and other specifications, know English well, work carefully and follow up any issues.

The financial strategies are determined both locally and globally and executed with central control. The Finance Department, with its accounting, budgeting, reporting and investor relations sections, manages all kinds of financial business and company transactions within the framework of legal provisions, company needs and policies. In order to be successful in these departments, you have to possess analytical thinking and language skills.

Our team conducts recruitment activities to hire the right talents as well as performance evaluation and training activities to help employees discover their potential. Thanks to the efforts in terms of talent and career management, the department works to make success and productivity sustainable. In addition, they work to facilitate the employees’ work through effective and fair wage management and personnel operations, pursuant to the legislation. Accurate and effective communication is very important for us. To achieve this, the Corporate Communications team conducts internal and external communication activities. Being successful in the Human Resources and Corporate Communications team is about being passionate, enthusiastic and confident. Being able to speak English is indispensable since we serve employees of different nationalities and English is the common language.

The IT Department uses new technologies to make employees’ lives easier with solutions that increase productivity and profitability and create competitive advantages. The Application Development Section identifies and implements appropriate software solutions in line with needs and provides appropriate support to ensure that all software operates at a certain quality level. The Network and System Security Section ensures that all system, network and sound infrastructure implementations are performed securely, reliably, and without interruption. New infrastructure designs are created and implemented in line with needs. The Business Support Section ensures that the ERP infrastructure runs smoothly and seamlessly without any interruption to the workflow. In whichever section you take a role, following the sectoral innovations with curiosity and taking an analytical and solution-oriented approach will be the effective way to make difference in your work.

Continuous progress and improvement are very important for us. The Management Systems department is responsible for establishing quality, environment and HSE-related systems that operate smoothly and with high quality, and for making sure employees adopt and implement these systems at every level. Knowing the legislative requirements that need to be met and closely following the standards are both important for executing this job. To make a difference by your success, it is important that you like building systems and that you have the enthusiasm to inspire employees to adopt and implement those systems.

First of all, what is important to us is the safety of life. We firstly ensure the safety of all our employees in all projects. At that point, the Health and Safety department (HSE) is our pillar of support, implementing rules according to Law No. 6331 on Occupational Health and Safety and continuously improve them. All our employees participate in intensive work safety training. The HSE department takes an active role in this process. People with the necessary certifications, an appreciation of the vital importance of health and safety, the ability to take responsibility and the motivation to implement the rules in order to make people better can work successfully in this department.

The Operational & Maintenance Group operates the electrical and mechanical systems within our customers’ facilities and carries out repairs and maintenance. You can work as an engineer or a technician responsible for the operation and follow-up of these systems. Whatever your position is, you have to have knowledge in electrical and mechanical subjects to be successful. You have to have an investigative personality to manage the adaptation of new technologies to the facility and most importantly, you have to have strong communication skills with internal and external customers to be able to make a difference.

AnelSis, our electrical panel production company, performs all phases of low and medium voltage panel production from design to testing. To work as an engineer or technician in the AnelSis team, which serves as a solution partner rather than a supplier, it is essential that you have the required technical knowledge and can work in a systematic and meticulous manner without compromising quality.

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We are aware that the earth’s natural resources are limited and we therefore assume projects that contribute to recycling. Our project team at AnelDoğa carries out processes such as providing waste (hazardous waste, electronic waste, end-of-life vehicles [ELV] etc.) to the production unit, increasing the customer portfolio while ensuring customer satisfaction. After these phases, waste collected for recycling is transformed into recyclable form and sold to manufacturing companies. If you want to be successful in the recycling business, you should be good at coordination and business management besides your level of sectoral knowledge, and most importantly, you are expected to love nature.

AnelMarin, that part of the Anel Group which operates projects for electrical and electronic systems for ships, provides turn-key engineering services in design, production, testing and commissioning, service and guarantee for national and international marine defence projects. If you want to work with this company as a project, design, automation engineer or technician, it is our priority that you have experience in the sector, technical knowledge and skill in related subjects, and that you are willing to work with ships, especially in defence projects, to conduct your job passionately.

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