Merhaba! Hello!
Dia duit!
नमस्ते !مرحبا

We say “Hello” in many different languages! Because life at Anel means working with teammates from different 20 nations. We are a big team who speak different languages and pursue the same goal together. We see diversity as one of our strengths. This diversity of many nations and cultures empowers us through its collective ability and portfolio of experience.

"We share our engineering with the world"

“From experienced engineers to talented beginners who constantly develop themselves, all our team is passionately realizing important projects in many parts of the world. The work we do is valuable; because the systems that we build make structures more effective and enhance the human experience. We have worked in 14 countries so far, we can be everywhere tomorrow.”

Rıdvan Çelikel

Anel Group Chairman of The Board, Founder

Rıdvan Çelikel

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