• I’m a university student. When can I work as an intern at your company?

    You can work as an intern between June and September.

    • I’m a high school student. When can I work as an intern at your company?

    If you are a Vocational High School student, you can work as an intern between June and September. Unfortunately, we can’t employ the students of other high schools.

    • I would like to apply for the internship. What should I do?

    You can apply for an internship between February and March. You can apply with your resume to our internship announcements or you may send your resume to our Business Partnership department directly by e-mail (insankaynaklari@anel.com.tr).

    • If my internship application is accepted, what are the following processes?

    If your application is considered to be appropriate, you are expected to pass a general ability test, a placement test for English and relevant technical exams in the field of your graduation. If you pass the exams successfully, we organize a collective or one-to-one interview with the Business Partnership and relevant department managers.
    Once you have successfully completed all these processes, we start your internship after we receive the necessary documents from you.

    • Who covers the insurance during my internship?

    The insurance is covered by your school during your internship.

    • My application for the internship in Istanbul is accepted; which documents are required?
    • Compulsory Internship Certificate (If your internship is compulsory)
    • SSI Statement of Employment proving that your school covers your insurance
    • 1 photograph
    • Copy of ID
    • Akbank ccount number

    * We inform you about the documents that may vary according to the division you are going to work in. 

    • Can I still work as an intern although the internship isn’t compulsory for my department?

    We also evaluate the non-compulsory internship applications in line with our company’s needs.

    • In which departments can I work as an intern?

    We don’t find it suitable for interns to work on construction sites, in line with Occupational Health and Safety rules. If you are a university student, you can work in Project Planning, Tender, Design, Contracts, Rights Claims, Planning, Cost Control, Procurement, Production, Information Technologies, Corporate Communications, Business Partnership, Accounting and Finance departments. If you are a high school student, you can work in Production, Information Technologies, Accounting and Finance departments.

    • Can I work full-time after my internship is over?

    You will be evaluated by your manager when your internship is over. If there is a vacancy, the evaluations affect your recruitment process.

    • How will I be evaluated after my internship is over?

    When your internship is over, your manager will evaluate you for competencies and objectives, such as communication, responsibility awareness and adaptation to the team. You also evaluate the efficiency of your internship and your own satisfaction with the work. Thus, the internship is evaluated by both sides.

    • Can I work part-time in your company?

    We offer part-time work opportunities for university students in various departments in our group companies. In this process, we give priority to candidates who complete the internship process successfully.

    • I want to apply for a job. What should I do?

    You can send your resume via the ‘Application’ section on our website, our announcements in career portals or via LinkedIn. We will evaluate your application in line with our company needs and your career goals. We will contact you if we find your application appropriate.

    • When should I expect a reply from you?

    We reply the applications made on the relevant career portal online. We reply to candidates included in the interview process within 2 weeks.

    • How does the recruitment process progress?

    You may learn the answer to this question by clicking here.

    • Do you reply to all the candidates?

    Yes, we reply to all candidates with whom we get in contact. We have been awarded the ‘Respect to Human Award’ by Kariyer.net since 2011 due to our success in replying all applications.

    • Is there a rotation process between departments/projects in your company?

    We are open to rotations for the open positions if the position matches the expectation and competency of the employee.

    • Do you assign your employees to the projects abroad?

    Yes, we announce open positions on our internal platforms and give priority to our employees for the projects abroad.

    • What benefits do you offer to your employees?

    Anel Group carries out different projects in different locations. Hence, the benefits that we provide to fulfill the needs vary for each position and location. Our benefits for our head office, include shuttle service, meal supply, private health insurance, company car, private pension system (BES) and the delivery of discounted products and services from the contracted providers.

    • What are the working conditions for the projects abroad?

    The conditions vary according to the competencies required. If we need to recruit an experienced professional, we may require experience in the relevant country. The common requirement for both experienced and inexperienced candidates in foreign projects is the knowledge of foreign language.

    • What are the working hours and conditions for transportation and meals at Anel?

    We work for five days a week at the Headquarters and group companies, and six days a week at construction sites. We provide shuttle services or company cars to head office. For lunch, we provide monthly tickets to the construction site employees. The employees working at the head office eat their lunch at the dining hall in the building.


    • How can I plan my career in Anel Group?

    The employees working at Anel Group define, plan and manage their own career goals together with their managers, as a result of the competency and performance evaluations. Thus, they design their own career path. Thanks to this process, Anel Group cultivates its own managers in-house.

    • Can you give information about the orientation process when I start to work?

    All employees receive orientation training based on corporate culture on their first day at Anel. Training continues with the presentations of the departments they will work with. The orientation training, which varies according to the position, lasts for two days on average.

    • How do you define your remuneration policy?

    Salary is determined according to the grading methodology, based on the position and the department. We conduct market research on the salary and benefits for every position and calculate the median value. Hence, we define pay rises according to the market conditions and the employee’s performance score.

    • How will my performance be evaluated?

    While our performance management system aims to help you to discover your strengths and development areas, it motivates you to question what you can do to achieve better results with your colleagues.

    Click for detailed information on this question.

    • What kind of opportunities do you provide for my technical and personal development?

    You can find the technical and personal development training programmes at AnelAkademi, which consist of training prepared by our expert internal trainers and purchased from internationally-known training companies. The training programmes you identify for your development, along with your manager following your performance evaluation process, are automatically defined in your AnelAkademi account. You can request access to other training by exploring the AnelAkademi catalog. Click for detailed information on this question: The Talent in You