Development and success starts with awareness.

We conduct competency and objective based evaluations to help you discover your potential. We think of this as a versatile and effective tool for awareness and learning.

Primarily, your colleagues and your manager evaluate your personal development based on your behavior and technical competencies. Then, your manager evaluates your business results and the contribution of these results to the company in line with the corporate and individual objectives.
After these evaluations, you learn your strengths and your development areas with the aid of feedback interviews. You determine your improvement plan together with your manager to improve your results.

Briefly, we focus on you rather than the outputs in this process. We support you to discover your potential by giving you tips about yourself.
Training never ends at Anel!

On AnelAkademi’s e-learning platforms, we offer a wide range of technical and personal development trainings.

In order to improve together, our teammates share their know-how with each other through various internal platforms. We derive our strength in the sector and our ability to achieve success in different fields from this participative decision-making corporate culture.

So, how do we support you to unearth your talent?

After the competency evaluations, we come together during the feedback interviews and talk about your development points and training requirements. We also contribute to your annual development plan by evaluating your training needs throughout the year.

Remember, it’s in your hands to illuminate your talent!
Everyone is the hero of her/his own self-development and career!

We believe that the source of success is creating a sustainable development environment. This is why we have developed our performance evaluation, training, and career planning processes in a holistic way that will help to shape your future yourself.

Every project is a new opportunity for every colleague who uses this system efficiently and improves themselves. In new projects, we give priority to our colleagues who have realized their potential in a previous project. So, in this sense, the end of a project indicates a starting point for new projects.

Remember, it’s up to you to build your future and realize your objectives!