“It is our primary reason for happiness to know that the value of our effort and self-sacrifice  is known by internal and external customers, and that this effort is touching people’s lives.”

“Working at Anel means being mobile and open to many opportunities. I’m so happy to able to fulfill my dream and be a part of a company that adopted sustainable development philosophy.”

“I value the working relationships I have with my colleagues. There is always an open opportunity to further your career growth or to change career paths within the company.”


Sercan Çalık

Site Section Chief


Eylem Çınarcı

Human Resources Planning Engineer


Joed Baluya

Deputy Construction Manager

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Anel Elektrik (Netherlands Branch)
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Anel Engineering & Contracting Ltd.
Anel Elektrik Proje Taahhüt Tic. A.Ş
AnelMep Maintenance and Operations LLC
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