Dia duit!
नमस्ते !مرحبا

We say “Hello” in many different languages! Because life at Anel means working with teammates from different 20 nations. We are a big team who speak different languages and pursue the same goal together. We see diversity as one of our strengths. This diversity of many nations and cultures empowers us through its collective ability and portfolio of experience.

Our engineering
the good moments
in people's lives

We use our creativity and knowledge to transform buildings into living structures. One of the most exciting things about our job, and certainly our favourite, is that it allows us to touch the lives of millions of people with the systems we build. As we continue to work with this awareness, we are able to enhance the lives of an increasing number of people.

We see this with our engineering at the Baku Olympic Stadium, Azerbaijan, where 68,000 spectators have experienced the excitement of the European Olympic Games, the world’s deepest immersion tube project in Marmaray BC1, the Hamad International Airport, which welcomes 37 million passengers a year in Qatar, the University College London Hospital Proton Therapy Centre Phase 4, which will heal many patients in the UK with advanced technology.
In fact, we do not just install electrical and mechanical systems; we build the hearts and brains of the structures with these systems, and while doing so, we take power from our unity.

We share
our engineering
with the world

From experienced engineers to talented beginners who constantly develop themselves, all our team is passionately realizing important projects in many parts of the world. The work we do is valuable; because the systems that we build make structures more effective and enhance the human experience. We have worked in 12 countries so far, we can be everywhere tomorrow.

We want to leave
our mark
on the world

Everyone makes some kind of impression in the world. As much as we care about carrying out our work in the right way, we also care about making our mark in the world. We focus on benefitting society by participating in voluntary activities for education, art, and the environment. We are a team that not only speaks, but works to create solutions, sees crisis as an opportunity for development, and supports social responsibility projects in a sincere and proactive manner.

For us, employee volunteering is as valuable as corporate volunteering. For many years, we have been proud of our cooperative and sustainable relationships with civil society organizations and the participation of our employees.