We are a big team!

Each member of our team is valuable: each one has their own perspectives, experience, and approaches. This diversity is invaluable to us for long-term success and sustainable development. We care about these different perspectives when it comes to listening, looking in different ways and explaining ideas. At the core of our work is a desire to create value in society and make people happy. We discover and determine the pathways to our goals together. It is our transparency, our ambition and our togetherness which makes us Anel.

We created committees with our colleagues from various departments for education, performance, and many other important issues. By working in teams, we constantly monitor our processes and methods of doing business.

Knowledge grows when shared

We take action on topics that need development or improvement by listening to the opinions and suggestions of our colleagues. We do this through the Improvement Opportunity (IF) and “Do You Have a Suggestion” applications. We support information sharing with our platforms such as ForumAnel, Yammer, A to Z e-newsletters and our Professional Conversations, and we develop together. The feedback we receive through our performance evaluation system also draws a route map for our development. We use all possible means for our development to make sure that we achieve outstanding success.

For the issues affecting the development of our colleagues, not only Human Resources is responsible; all departments are. For this reason, we have an extended human resources team; that is all Anel employees.